Optic Closure

Optic Fiber Mechanical Closure

  • Certification:CE, ISO 9001 2008
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Model No.:closure cold shrink tube

Mechanical Closure Dome Type

Key Features


100% Made in Taiwan.

Main Features

Provide direct connection, branching spitting, fusion splicing and distribution
Reliable sealing by cold shrink tube with excellent reliability
Easy to install in the manhole and hand hole, Pole-mounting, wall-mounting
Support to 5~20mm common optical cable, flat drop cable(2x3mm), round drop cable
Protection grade: IP68

Avantech's closure advantages are as below
a. no need to use fire when installation . It is dangerous to use fire at underground and sealed space, it may be explosion if the air has marsh gas.
b. healthy to installer. when use fire to seal the closure heat shrink tube, it has poison gas and it may cause the lung cancer
c.  save installation & maintain cost: less 1 min to made one closure. 
d. Installation Quality control: Same finished sealed quality after installation even made by different installer, or the new installer without much closure installation experience. 
e. Closure Quality: Ours has been testing and approval by Chunghwa Telecom

Product Certification: