Fiber Cleaner

  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Model No.:AVN400 Fiber Cleaner

NTT like Optic Fiber Cleaner

Key Features

100% Made in Taiwan

Quality same as NTT


The Optical Fiber Cleaner  is provided by Avantech, a leading provider of fiber surveillance system and field application tools based on state-of-the-art system integration capability and opto-electronic designing technology. 

  Besides the monitoring system, we also have a professional optical fiber tester.  The examiner we provide to you called Avn400.  The cloth of the Avn 400 is made by the microfibers with special waving structures, and the patented fix-length forwarding mechanism prevents the cross-contamination to the connector.  We not only concern about the quality of the products, but also show our care to the environment.  

All the compounds of optical fiber tester are met with RoHS regulation.  Even more, the cleaning performance are guaranteed to meet the IPC standards of the fiber-optic connection.  And when you’re operating the tester, there will no longer electricity problems because we also design the Anti-static electricity into our tester.  Furthermore, the Anti-static materials can keep the dust and particles away from your connector. 


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