Power Panel

AC to DC Fuse Panel

  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Model No.:AC/DC PDU-5ch
  • AC to DC Converter Fuse Panel

    Key Features


    Fuse Alarm Panel with AC to DC converter. it is 19”/23” rack mount type fuse alarm panel wit fan to cool down. The maximum capacity is 20 positions GMT fuse (10+10) . Color of  fuse Panel is Putty White. Converter spec is AC input: 85~264VAC @47-63Hz (2.5A,max). DC output: 48V 3.2A. Part Number: FMFP1920150W

    Converter Input AC power capacity: 

    Voltage range : 90~264VAC, 127~370VDC

    Frequency Range: 47~63Hz

    Power Factor (Typ.): ≧0.95/230VAC ≧0.98/115VAC at full load

    Efficiency (Typ.): 89%

     AC current (Typ.): 2A/115VAC, 1A/230VAC

    Inrush current (Typ.): COLD START 80A/230VAC

    Leakage current: < 2mA/240VAC

    Converter of DC Output Ca[acity

    DC voltage: -48V

    Rated current: 3.2A

    Current Range: 0~3.2A

    Rated Power: 150W

    Ripple & Noise (Max.) (Note 2): 240Vp-p

    Voltage ADJ. Range: 45.6~52.8V

    Voltage Tolerance (Note 3): ±1.0%

    Line Regulation: ±0.5%

    Load Regulation: ±0.5%

    SETUP, Rise time: 3000ms, 80ms/230VAC

    Hold up time (Typ.): 50ms/230VAC 16ms/115VAC at full load Protection

    Overload: 105~135% rated output power

    Overload protection type: Hiccup mode, recovers automatically after fault condition is removed

    Over voltage: 53~64.8V

    Over voltage protection type: shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover

    Over temperature: 90℃±15℃ (RTH2) detect on heatsink of power transistor

    Fuse spec is 0.5Amp to 15Amp