DSX Panel

E1 Jumper Wire Cable

Certification:CE, ISO 9001 2008

  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Model No.:200 meter
E1 Jumper Wire Cable 200 Meter

Key Features

Color of each core:
A, Pair number one is blue paired with a white band marker
B, Pair number two is orange paired with a white band marker
C, The fifth core is green and used for LED tracer identification
Length: 200 meters
Outer Diameter: 3.5mm
Diameter for each core: 0.5mm
Material of conductor: Copper
Material of Insulating: SR-PVC
Insulation Resistance: 1000MOhms-Km at 20℃
Conductor Resistance: 94.5Ohm/Km at 20℃
Voltage resistant: 0.35KV/1min.
Impedance: 120±10Ohms @1024KHz
Attenuation: 30dB/Km @1024KHz


Product Certification: