DSX Panel

DSX Panel BNC/Balun Type

  • Certification:CE, ISO 9001 2008
  • Made In:Taiwan, ROC
  • Model No.:DSX 23-32BNC

    Key Features

    Type: 19" or 23"
    Rear Interface: BNC / Balun
    Detailed Product Description
    1. DSX SME1/T1 is a centralized termination point. 
    2. Easy maintenance. 
    3. High capacity. 
    4. Reduce initial set up cost. 
    The DSX-SME1/T1 panel is a centralized termination point for digital equipment at DS1 (1.544Mbps) and E1 (2.048Mbps) digital signal bit rate. It provides SDH (Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)networks STM-N(N=1/4/16) terminal equipments, the circuit jumping, cross-connecting, monitoring & testing access functions for the above digital signal bit rate.
    It is Modular design, it is capable of high desity installation. Each circuit in the DSX-SMT1/E1 panel is independence for choose the capacity as needed to reduce the initial set-up cost, and for easy maintenance the independent circuit module can be replaced separately. The panel in 19” wide rack consists of 64 circuits module in the sub chassis.
    Single-circuit removable DSX-SME1 Jacks allow jack maintenance without disrupting other circuits or requiring any I/O cabling changes. 
    1 Environment
    1.1 Temperature : -40~65°C, Humidity : 0~95% RH
    1.2 Thermal Shock : per MIL-STD-202 method 107D or equivalent.
    1.3 Moisture Resistance: per MIL-STD-202F method 106E or equivalent.
    1.4 Salt Spray : per MIL-STD-202F method 101D or equivalent.
    2 Mechanical Characteristic
    2.1 Vibration: per MIL-STD-202F method 201A or equivalent.
    2.2 Shock Test : per MIL-STD-202 method 107D or equivalent.
    2.3 Life Time: 20,000 insertion/withdrawal cycles.
    2.4 Insertion Force: 1.9kgs.(4.17lb.)
    2.5 Withdrawal Force: 2.4kgs.(5.21lb.)
    3 Electrical Characteristic
    3.1 Impedance:
    E1:120 Ω ± 5% ( @ 1024KHz ).
    T1:100 Ω ± 5% ( @ 772KHz).
    3.2 Insertion Loss : Better than 0.2dB(DC to 3MHz).
    3.3 Monitor Level: below signal level 20dB±0.5dB (DC to 3MHz).
    3.4 Cross Talk : better than –56dB (@1.024Mhz).
    4.5 Contact Resistance: less than 0.01 Ω.
    4.6 Insulation Resistance: more than 1,000MΩ at DC 500V.
    4.7 Dielectric Strength : better than DC 500V
    4.8 Power consumption: -48V DC, 10mA maximum on each circuit module.

    Product Certification: